The music group Delusion™ is a legal business entity, having conducted all the required trade name searches in 1995, having global distribution of their products for retail sale since 1996, and defending its use of the name with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in the case of Delusion vs. Dillusion (2004-2007), Opposition No. 91157420. The case was filed after airings of the Osbourne's show on national television (MTV) featuring a California band calling themselves Dillusion and the subsequent release of the Osbourne's Christmas Album featuring a song from that band. Epic Records contacted the publisher for Delusion inquiring about publishing rights for Dillusion and fans of Delusion made inquiries about the bands appearance on the Osbourne Show, both causing confusion over the two names. A trademark application was filed for the name Dillusion by actor Greg Evigan, whose son was a member of the group Dillusion, prompting the music group Delusion to serve Evigan with a cease and desist notice. Evigan refused to cease use of the name, causing the music group Delusion to oppose the trademark for Dillusion. The evidence of trademark establishment for Dillusion consisted of a flier for a local California show and their involvement with the Osbourne's show and album, all which could not predate the establishment of the name Delusion in 1995. Dozens of evidences in contracts, releases, reviews, performances, and more were submitted on behalf of the music group Delusion. Evigan refused to retract the trademark application for Dillusion, dragging the case out for over four years at considerable expense. The trademark rights of the music group Delusion were finally upheld in 2007, Evigan abandoned the trademark, and ceased use of the name Dillusion in the music industry.

The music group Delusion have conducted commercial business in 28 countries around the world in which they claim trademark rights by common law, first commercial use, and/or official filings. The name Delusion has been licensed for distribution to Ravenhurst Records since 2002 and attempts to infringe on this trademarked name will result in opposition, enforcement, and damages sought. Delusion were represented by Diane Leigh Davison, Esq. in the case of Delusion vs. Dillusion and are currently represented worldwide by William Blackburne, Esq. If you have questions or concerns over this trademark please contact Delusion.

Geographic Commercial Use as of 1996 : Map 1 - Map 2 - Map 3

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Official Filing : Trade Name Application

USPTO Trademark Opposition : Page 1 - Page 17

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The name Delusion™ is an official trademark established in 1995. Use of the name Delusion has been licensed to Ravenhurst Records™ and Mindwerx Publishing (BMI), where all rights are reserved. Unauthorized use of the name Delusion in the music entertainment industry is strictly prohibited in North America, South America, Asia, and the territories of the European Union where the name has been commercially used on distributed products.

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