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Delusion - The Temple Divine (2013) - Ravenhurst Records

" Delusion are back with their long awaited new album entitled The Temple Divine, the follow up to their 2004 Ravenhurst Records release The Tragedy of Regret. Delusion have a new signature sound with this album, featuring new vocalist Nick Horner and drummer Trevor Ray, along with founding member Phil Carnes on guitar and Keith Menser on bass.

Based out of New York, vocalist Nick Horner has experience in such genres as classical, jazz and rock and brings those influences to Delusion with a smooth and strong set of vocals that gives this new album just what it needs. Trevor Ray, a 17 year-old who knows his chops, debut's as drummer with Delusion and definitely brings a great sound to each new track with his flawless style of percussion. Phil Carnes reaches a new high with his writing both lyrically and musically, the guitars and keyboards are strong, and mystical to say the least. Keith Menser, known for his work with Mystic Force and Iced Earth, brings his harmonic style of bass playing to top it off.

The Temple Divine consists of 12 tracks mixed and mastered by Drew Mazurek and produced by Delusion founding member Phil Carnes. These twelve songs take you by your soul and offer you a journey to the farther reaches of your mind with such tracks as "Morning Star", "Ten Years Fallen", "Arianna's Song" and "Temple Divine".

The Temple Divine is a very powerful and inspiring album by way of musical structure and lyrics. This album is long over due and finally here to show you that Delusion are back and mean business. If you are not a fan of DELUSION by now you will be once this album penetrates your senses. "

.... review by Steve Lambie - freelance writer with Maryland Music Magazine.

"Great collaboration of musicians .... Delusion serve up something serious."

The Mining Co.

"Captivating, mood-altering, widely diverse music that will hypnotise you and take you to a place far away."

The Baltimore Buzz

"A fresh sound and an impressively mezmorizing experience."

The Prog/Rock Times

[ from a review of the sampler ] "If the rest is as good as these, I would recommend it to all looking for pretty melodic light-weight prog metal."

The Edge of Time

"Delusion plays Progressive Rock at its best ! The music is very melodic and with an excellent singer this album will surely surprise alot. Delusion is srongly awaited in 1999."

The French Connection

"Delusion are a classy U.S. metal band somewhere along the lines of Fates Warning , Queensryche , Rush , and Divine Regale"

Sentinel Steel - music retailer.


"DELUSION have released their debut CD filled with lots of Rock/Metal music. They do have a strong bases in the Metal area, but they toss in lots of elements of Rock, Power Metal & Progressive Metal as well. There is lots of mood, melody, emotion, depth & stregnth in their songs. They have a driving Rock sound with lots of Power & Prog Metal all intwertwind within. The vocals are done in an epic Metal type style. All fans of DIO, SANCTUARY, DREAM THEATER, QUEENSRYCHE & FATES WARNING will dig these guys!!!"

Treats From The Underground - writer Burt Wolf

"Four great musicians from four different bands bring their styles together to bring forth a new sound rich in mood and melody. Delusion are fresh , interesting , intelligent , and not your usual progressive metal band. Walt Downey's vocals shine on these two featured songs. "22 Acacia Avenue" is an incredble rendition of the masters classic , the production is amazing. Featured on Disc Two is the bands original "Feel This Way" , again with an amazing production of a premix from their upcoming debut album. This band rocks , keep your eye out for more on Delusion !"

Metal Razor Magazine - a review of Children of the Damned : A Tribiute to Iron Maiden

"Of the songs on the first disc, my favorites include Delusion's scorching cover of "22 Acacia Avenue"

Dynamite Metal News - a review of Children of the Damned : A Tribiute to Iron Maiden

"Intricate and complex progressive, symphonic metal is Delusion's trademark. Delusion is obviously loaded down with influential experience. And with vocalist Walt Downey of Surreal, Delusion are soon to be at the forefront of the prog-metal genre."

OUAS Online Music Magazine

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