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Delusion was formed in 1995 and hails from Baltimore, Maryland in the USA. The group has always been a project of members from various bands, first comprised of Phil carnes (Desolate Angel), Clarence Osbourne (Mercury Rising), Keith Menser (Mystic-Force), and Doug Readmond (20 on the Hype). In 1996, a Delusion promotional sampler was released to mags and radio giving the band its first attention internationally. Struggles with lineup changes between 1996-1997 caused the band to re-release the songs from the promotional sampler on a 4 song EP compact disc titled Discharge, when Clarence Osbourne left under contract with the band Mercury Rising who had been signed, and Walt Downey (Surreal) joined the group as vocalist. That EP promotional release in 1997 led to the band being noticed in the European metal market and opened up several opportunities. Between 1998-2000 Delusion appeared on several international compilation and tribute CD's, including the double compact disc Children of the Damned : A Tribute to Iron Maiden with a blazing rendition of "22 Acacia Avenue". In 2000, Delusion focused on completing a full-length LP compact disc which was released through Ravenhurst Records in 2003-2004 to over 500 stores in 28 countries. In the midst of this release, the group was forced to defend its trademark in a case with the USPTO lasting from 2003-2007, Click here to read about the case of Delusion vs. Dillusion. Delusion's trademark rights were upheld in 2007 and Phil Carnes began writing material for a new Delusion album in 2008. The trademark dispute took its toll on the group and members Walt Downey and Doug Readmond did not return for the second album, prompting a search for a new singer and drummer. In 2012, vocalist NicK Horner and drummer Trevor Ray joined the group. The band has presently completed the 12 songs to appear on their new album The Temple Divine. This time Delusion returns having spent the past few years developing a unique sound for the group to take their music to a new level.

Phil Carnes is a songwriter, guitarist, and keyboardist, the founding member of the group's Desolate Angel, Delusion, and Hard Nugget. Phil plays Jackson and ESP guitars, Line 6, Laney, and has an endorsement with Seymour Duncan Pickups. He has produced eight albums and was recording engineer for Hard Nugget and Delusion's album The Temple Divine.

Nicholas Horner is a New York-based vocalist who made his start in central Pennsylvania exploring blues rock and heavy metal in a variety of garage and cover bands throughout the region. He has since gone on to record and perform rock, classical, jazz and the avant garde throughout North and South America. When not singing, Nick is an avid composer and arranger working in all genres of music. Visit Nick Horner's website.

Keith Menser is a songwriter, bassist, and keyboardist, founder of the progressive metal group Mystic-Force. He has also appeared on recordings with other bands, including the group Iced Earth, and is well known in the European metal community. Keith plays and endorses Spector basses.

Trevor Ray is a versatile young drummer debuting with Delusion. He plays DW Drums and is experienced in the field of midi and sequencing. Trevor joined Delusion in 2012 and brings a new and improved sound to the group.

The name Delusion™ is an official trademark established in 1995. Use of the name Delusion has been licensed to Ravenhurst Records™ and Mindwerx Publishing (BMI), where all rights are reserved. Unauthorized use of the name Delusion in the music entertainment industry is strictly prohibited in North America, South America, Asia, and the territories of the European Union where the name has been commercially used on distributed products.
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